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A Series


The standard model has a modern styling featuring easy-access control and connections. It is equipped with an on/off switch with an indicator lamp as well as a high-voltage indicator lamp. This lamp will extinguish if the system is malfunctioning. 4 ionisers can be connected as a maximum.


ᆞ Provides high-voltage to 4 ionisers as a maximum
ᆞ Equipped with an on/off switch with an indicator lamp
ᆞ Equipped with a high-voltage indicator lamp
ᆞ UL approved



Technical specifications

Housing material|aluminium and steel, powdercoating
Weight|2,8 kg
On/off switch with lamp|yes
High voltage indication|Neonlamp
Cable|1,8 m
Ambient temperature|0 - 50 °C
Use circumstances|Industrial
Protection classification|IP-54
U primairy|110 V or 230 V *
Frequency|50 or 60 Hz*
Power consumption|50 Watt
U secundairy|3,3 - 7 kV AC *
I secundairy|2,5 mA max.
Option|HR, D